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Debt Consolidation

Did you know your credit score is being crushed by carrying high balances on your credit cards or personal line of credit? We will help you escape the debt trap with a debt consolidation loan and credit coaching to assist you with earning the credit score you deserve to open the door to lower interest rates.

Home Construction

Floating a construction on credit cards / LOC’s will hurt your credit score. Please contact us today for a no obligation renovation loan approval. We offer quick turnaround, fast processing of progress draws and flexible repayment schedules.

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Business Capital

Has your business been hit by a sudden downturn, or an unexpected equipment breakdown? Perhaps a CRA reassessment has resulted in a big tax bill? The principals of Aroi are both entrepreneurs who understand these curve balls and are committed to providing the best loan solution to help you manage these situations.

Business Loans

Do you need more financing to grow your business or make smarter inventory buying decisions? Both founders of Aroi are entrepreneurs and they understand your business case for taking on more debt to earn more profit.


Looking to retrain to pursue a new dream career and unsure of how to pay for it? Aroi can help.


Looking to max out your TFSA or RRSP contributions and have some equity in your home? We’ve helped numerous clients tap into their equity at all time low interest rates to invest in tax free or tax deferred accounts.

Temporary Needs

Have an insurance settlement pending? Perhaps a former spouse will be paying up soon? Aroi understands situations like this and can offer bridge financing to keep your life stress free while you wait for the windfall to arrive.

Retired Individuals

We have special financing products for retirees who wish to defer part or all of their Mortgage payments.

Self Employed

Turned down by your banker who doesn’t understand your financial statements? Aroi has financing solutions designed specifically for free lance and self employed individuals.

Tax Debt

Is the CRA threatening you with judgement and garnishments? Aroi is experienced quickly providing financing to pay out tax debts to eliminate this major stress.

Newcomer to Canada

Are you new to Canada hitting roadblocks at your bank? Aroi can help. Please give us a call to discuss your specific circumstances so we can provide advice quickly.

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We’ve been helping people obtain home equity loans for 30 years, now. If you’ve been turned
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    Home Equity Loans from Aroi are the fastest and easiest way to get money from your home regardless of your age, income,
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