Get construction draws within 2 business days

Draws Are FAST!

Build with Aroi to receive draws deposited directly to your bank account within 2 business days of request. We do this by eliminating Lawyers and Appraisers from the advancement process.  Start dealing with a decisionmaker today!

Draw Request Steps:

  • Submit photos of progress to Aroi. (no need for a progress report from an appraiser)
  • Aroi calculates % complete and completes lien / judgement search.
  • Aroi deposits funds directly to client’s bank account.

Frequent Draws!

Avoid the stress of trying to reach inflexible draw milestones with the big lenders. Need a draw? Simply send us photos of the work completed and we’ll calculate the draw available based on that progress. Then it will be deposited to your bank account right away.

  • Draw up to 10 times to keep cashflow healthy.
  • NO lien holdbacks! This means you have 10% more cash to build with at every draw.
  • Draw on land value before construction commences.
  • Draw up to 75% of land value and up to 75% of completed value. Cost to complete is NOT held back.

Avoid The Line of Credit Trap

Did you know racking up your credit lines and credit cards to cashflow a renovation or build could crash your credit score and cause problems obtaining a Mortgage when the build is complete? Work with Aroi to avoid that disaster. We’ll provide frequent and flexible draws so you can maintain the high credit score you worked so hard to earn.

Building Without a General Contractor?

No problem. As part of our approval process we’ll review your project costing information to make sure you have a solid plan. We’re happy to work with homeowners.

  • New Home Warranty is NOT required.
  • Aroi values Sweat Equity –>  Bigger draws advanced sooner.
  • Value is determined from “as complete appraisal”
    • Often higher than the “actual cost” relied on by most banks and credit unions

renovating couple


We provide flexible and fast draws for renovation projects as well.

Self Employed

No problem. We understand your income tax returns don’t accurately reflect how much money you earn.

Newcomer to Canada

No problem! We base our lending decisions on common sense and look forward to working with you even if you are new to Canada.

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