Our Goal is to have your Loan Approved within 24 Hours.


One Stop Solution

Aroi offers a comprehensive suite of financing options for every situation from a home buyer with perfect credit and a long term salaried job to a small business owner who declares little income and wishes to purchase a fixer upper.

This unique position in the market affords our clients the opportunity to work through all possible financing options with one Company, thus eliminating the need to explain their financial and personal picture to more than one person during the approval process.

The Big Picture

Just because you got approved by a lender doesn’t mean you have the right Mortgage for your current stage of life and financial position. At Aroi we look at the “big picture” and what your future goals are. Perhaps you are considering selling everything and moving to Thailand within the next 3 years and the right Mortgage for you has very low penalties for early payment. Maybe you are building and can obtain deep discounts on labour and materials by paying cash every Friday, in which case extremely flexible construction draw terms are essential. You may need to loan your business a large amount of money every spring to ramp up for the busy months and require a re-advancable Mortgage. We know these details are important and will treat your financial situation as if it were our own.