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We’ve been helping people obtain home equity loans for 30 years, now. If you’ve been turned
away by the bank for a loan in Canada, we can help find the financing you need.


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    Home Equity Loans from Aroi are the fastest and easiest way to get money from your home regardless of your age, income,
    or credit history. We can approve your home equity loan in as little as 24 hours and can get you the funding you need in few days.

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    Why Choose Aroi?

    Experienced Mortgage Professionals

    Aroi can develop a solution for every situation from a home owner with perfect credit searching for the best possible rate to an individual who is struggling with financial hardship and seeks relief from the threat of foreclosure.

    With decision makers located in Halifax and in the Annapolis Valley, Aroi’s team of experienced mortgage industry professionals understand all aspects of property financing throughout Nova Scotia, from rural regions to the city of Halifax.


    • Refinance

      Want to pay off those high interest credit card balances? Wishing you could help a family member buy their first home? Refinancing your Mortgage may be the best solution.

    • Second Mortgage

      Want to pay off those high interest credit card balances to increase your credit score? Wishing you could help a family member buy their first home? A second Mortgage is a great way to accomplish this goal.

    • Renovate Your Home

      Want to Renovate without hiring an expensive contractor or maxing out credit cards to complete the project? Aroi has helped many Nova Scotian’s take the financial stress out of renovations with fast approvals and flexible draw options.

    • New Home Construction

      Are you a contractor who’s business is growing faster than the bank can keep up with line increases? Perhaps you are a home owner who wishes to build your own home without new home warranty and the banks are being difficult? Aroi takes the stress out of new home construction by offering rapid approval and flexible construction draws deposited to your bank account within two days of request.

    • Purchase a New Home

      Has a bank turned you down because they have concerns about property condition? Are you at risk of losing the deal if financing is not approved asap? Is your dream being jeopardized by a credit or employment hiccup?  Aroi has helped clients solve all of these situations.